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Schedule a repair or treat your guitar to a clean, refurbish, restring, setup or even upgrade electrics.

To guarantee the highest standards we only install pickups, strings, nuts, switches etc. that we sell in store or source from quality suppliers.

Left is an old heirloom guitar that was treated to:

  • fretpolish
  • fretboard clean - accomplished carefully and in stages as can be seen left
  • fretboard nourishment with high quality conditioner
  • D'Addario composite core nylon strings fitted
  • Mono gigbag with reinforced inners to keep it safe.

Structural repairs like nut shaping, fret dressing, spot lacquer, wiring etc. are undertaken on Monday or Tuesday and are booked in on a 'first come first serve' basis, to be dropped off by custoemrs on Saturdays.