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Lytham St Annes Guitars is a specialist in guitars by C.F. MARTIN & CO, PRS, IBANEZ, ESP and Japan's premiere luthier Makoto Sugimoto of SUGI.


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These are special or limited edition guitars by the esteemed custom shop luthiers of our chosen brands and consignment guitars by other top makers.



Choose a brand below to peruse a selection of our current stock:


C.F Martin Guitars Ibanez Guitars
PRS Guitars ESP Guitars
Sugi Guitars  


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Guitars taken in via part-ex or being sold via consignment


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Amps by AER, PRS, VOX and Laney



All guitars are set up with new strings and new guitars come with a free 6 month service and full UK warranty.



We have a recording studio to try guitars in a private quiet space or to reveal how they sound in a recording environment prior to purchase.

There is a teaching room for individual guitar lessons and a workshop for meticulous guitar repairs.



Alongside the fine guitars you will also find a diverse selection of quality accessories by D'ADDARIO, ELIXIR, JIM DUNLOP, ERNIE BALL, MONO, HERCULES and others.



Buying guitars remotely can mean your expectations are different from what would be the case if you play them instore before buying. If for some reason you cannot travel, please request a PAYPAL invoice link for any product if there is not one listed.

Remember to confirm your desired setup and string choice when you place an order.

Please read our Returns & Warranty Policy, Terms & Conditions and GDPR Statement before purchasing.