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We are honoured to be an official dealer for Sugi Custom Guitars ( in the UK.

The Japanese are reserved and humble so you may not be aware that master luthier Makoto Sugimoto created the prototypes for Steve Vai's Jem and John Scofield's JSM model back in his early days with Ibanez and Fujigen.

Since 2002 he has been designing and building unique custom guitars from his own workshop with incredible attention to detail using the highest quality materials.

His team pursue effortless ergonomic balance and playability, versatile refined tones and sophisticated aesthetics often inspired by natural scenes such as sunsets or underwater vistas.

Their prime focus is to deliver bespoke guitars that delight the customer's senses.

Aficionados who have encountered the rare JCRG Ibanez J.Custom range ( or the Strandberg J-Premium range ( will be familiar with Makoto's exemplary work.

He has over 40yrs experience in the trade and has worked in R&D with Fender and Yamaha amongst others, with repair and mod credits for Jaco Pastorius and Yngwie Malmsteen to drop just a few more names. Speaking of luminaries, here is Guthrie Govan with his own Sugi -

To book a custom build, please pop in store where you can choose an exotic top and discuss finish, woods, spec and prices. Scroll down the page to take a look at the process and some of the options.



The Sugi "Dusk" guitar is a collaborative design between us and Sugi Guitars to demonstrate what can be done. The 3-4month lifecycle of the build will appear here in a series of pics to give you an insight into how your guitar would progress from choosing the top, finish, neck profile, body type, fixings and pickups through to delivery. The finished piece will be available for viewing in store early 2019.

This perfectly book-matched exotic Maple top was chosen for this build because of its spellbinding and exquisite figuring.

The headstock top is derived from the same choice cut as the body.

The neck: Sugi only uses eco-friendly Sunken Hard Rock Maple reclaimed from the Great Lakes of Canada - it is markedly more dense and resonant than regular Maple.

This nature show at Dusk was captured by Makoto and forms the inspiration for the stain samples to follow.

The luthier transcribes and adapts the mood and colours of the photo to suit the figuring and colour of the Maple.

The final layout for the bridge, pickups, pots and switches is depicted in a scaled diagam



Here are some examples of other special exotic Maple tops, added here to illustrate just how unique each piece is. One or more of these may still be available but if not, Sugi will provide suitably sublime alternatives. Take a look at current stock





Here are some stain finishes to help get your ideas together




Sugi handwires a range of pickups to suit all needs. These can be installed in a variety of arrays and even augmented with piezo technology depending on suitability.




35 series: Think along the lines of the modern Duncan 59' and JB set, with high power in the bridge but less fierce in the neck.

LH-35 N (Neck side) -
magnet Alnico #3
magnet pitch 9.8mm
Coil Urethane #42 Black USA
Turn 5,200
LH-35 B (Bridge side)
magnet Alnico #5
magnet pitch 10.5mm
Coil Urethane #43
Turn 8,000

62 series: Medium powered PAF. Warm vintage sounds with more power in the bridge.

LH-62P N (Neck side)
magnet Alnico #4
magnet pitch 9.8mm
Coil Urethane #42 Black USA
Turn 5,300
LH-62P B (Bridge side)
magnet Alnico #4
magnet pitch 10.5mm
Coil Urethane #42 Black USA
Turn 5,650

MF series: These are for your low powered clean tones.

LH-MF N (Neck side)
magnet Alnico AM #2
magnet pitch 9.9mm
Coil Urethane #42 Black USA
Turn 5,200
LH-MF B (Bridge side)
magnet Alnico #5
magnet pitch 9.9mm
Coil Urethane #43
Turn 7,200



Fretboards and Fretwires

Sugi guitars are renowned internationally for their hand-edged fretboards and fretwires. The comfort this treatment delivers is unrivalled. Makoto does this superb work for Ibanez on their exclusive and rare JCRG J.Custom guitars.