Below are some samples taken from our in-house guide to music theory designed specifically for guitarists. It was written by Guy over the course of 25 years of study, teaching, jamming and writing music with guitar in hand.

The guide is a digital manual in .pdf format and works on all devices. It costs £10 and can be purchased via PAYPAL or in the store.

Introduction by Carl Verheyen

Table Of Contents

Chapter 8: Scales As Keys

Here are some unedited and off-the-cuff theory articles written for Guitar 9 Magazine circa 2008

Face the Diminished

Rhyme of the Augmented

7 Strings Good, 6 Strings Bad - part 1

Mining for Precious Chords

CAGED Arpeggios (image link "patterns")

If you are new to the 7 string guitar, here are some rudiments that I use to warm up which may assist: 1. Learn a scale (I chose C Locrian) 2. Extract an arpeggio (Cm7b5) and 3, convert it into a chord (Cm7b5). Repeat with a different scale and position every week.



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